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FARMING BOVINA was formed in 2012 to support and perpetuate Bovina’s proud agricultural tradition. Bovina’s farming heritage is central to the economic, social and environmental vitality of the town and surrounding areas. Farming Bovina is dedicated to assisting local farms by encouraging and supporting agriculture. Our current efforts include marketing, public awareness of farming activity within the town and actions to protect farms and farming.

Farming Bovina’s marketing efforts include both a website, where farm members are listed with descriptions of their farms and products, and advertisements in local publications. In addition, Farming Bovina has been asked to take on the responsibility of producing the hugely successful annual Labor Day weekend event, Bovina Farm Day.

Public awareness of Bovina’s busy agricultural activities will be increased by posting signs at the entrances to the town announcing Bovina as a farming community. These signs will also ask drivers to be alert for farm vehicles on the road.

Farming Bovina realizes the integral role agriculture plays in the community. Now, more than ever, our farms and farmers carry on a tradition that ensures the continuation and protection of the landscape and character of the town we all enjoy. Our goals and efforts strive to guarantee the protection of agricultural activities while ensuring the general health, safety and welfare of the entire community.

With your help Farming Bovina can continue in its efforts to promote and support agriculture in Bovina. Become a part of Bovina’s future, a future where agriculture remains and grows as a vital part of the community

***Membership is on an annual basis beginning September 1 of each year. ***

Membership as a Farmer is open to farmers and producers of agricultural products grown, raised or produced in the Town of Bovina and the surrounding area. The annual membership fee is $25.

Farmer and Producers of Local Agricultural Product

    Membership benefits include:
  • A table space at Bovina Farm Day
  • Promotional post on Farming Bovina’s facebook page
  • Inclusion in the Farming Bovina website – farm description, location indicated on the map, link to farm’s web site

Membership for non-farmers is open to anyone wishing to help support our efforts. The annual fee for membership is $35. Contributions of larger amounts are always welcome.
*Please note that while contributions are critically needed, they are not tax-deductible.*

    Non-Farmer membership benefits include:
  • Listing as a supporter on the Farming Bovina website
  • Listing in Bovina Farm Day program

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Alternatively checks can be made payable to: Farming Bovina

         Please return your payment to:
                     Farming Bovina
                     P.O. Box 117
                     Bovina Center, NY