Get to know your local farmer.

Bovina Syrup has been producing maple syrup on the same farm for four generations.

Jonathan LaFever
3133 County Highway 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740


Bramley Mountain Farms A multi-generational farm raising Belted Galloway beef without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Visit our farm store and look for us at local stores.

Jack & June Burns
Colleen & Ken Heavey
257 E. Bramley Mountain Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740


Burnett Farms is a mountain farm nestled into a high Catskill saddle comprised of pasture, tillage fields, forest and ponds. The Bovina township is the first and best in sweet pasture and water. We grow a full range of produces, fruits and berries. If you can imagine eating our views you can honestly imagine how good our food is. Burnett Farms uses best practices in pure sustainable growing methods and processes. We live in an extremely pure habitat and are dedicated to keeping it as such.

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Steve and Kristie Burnett
1091 Bramley Mountain Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Tel : 607-832-4216


Crystal Brook Farms Thomas Elliott came to America from Scotland in 1817 and settled in what is now the New Kingston valley. He purchased tracts of land in the area that was soon to be a part of the famed anti – rent wars. His son William was the next generation to improve the land. He had three sons, two of whom were soldiers in the Civil War. Son Thomas was wounded in the Battle of Cedar Creek ,Va and was taken by lumber truck to Baltimore, where he died a month later. He is buried nearby in the Bovina Cemetery.
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James and Andrea Elliott
Crystal Brook Farms
1892 New Kingston Road
P.O. Box 342
New Kingston, NY 12459

Echo Hill Farm raises 'cut-your-own' Christmas trees and we have honey from our hives. Sweet.

Wayne Chambers
4200 County Highway 5
Bovina Center, NY 13740


Glenanore Farm In 1873 Michael Noonan's grandmother was born in Glenanore, Ireland, a clustered farm settlement. Today, the name Glenanore has been chosen to honor his farming heritage and to grace the land he stewards.

Glenanore Farm is the home of Mike and Donna, Irish Dexter Cattle, African Boer Meat Goats, and Kune Kune pasture pigs. Laying hens, meat chickens, dogs, a cat and a horse round out the family. The humans care for the animals and the amimal's care for the land.

All family farms that are sustained from one generation to the next have the prevelige and responsibily to perserve their heritage. This is balanced with the beauty of the setting and the peace and fulfillment of a lifestyle of self-suffiency.

Michael and Donna Noonan
2363 Bramley Mountain Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740


The Green Shepherd Farm, LLC is a small, family run sheep farm raising winter-hardy Finnsheep, Romanov, and other breeds on fifty sustainably-managed acres in Bovina.

Our farm is committed to ethical and ecological farming practices that benefit the well-being of both the flock and environment

We sell USDA inspected lamb processed to your specifications. A limited number of retail cuts may be purchased at local stores or directly at the farm.

The Farm also sells lamb sheepskins, as well as artisanal apparel and furniture featuring them. Our pelts are unique because of the fleece length, crimp, and colors. They’re machine washable too!

Like Camping or Farm Tours? Enjoy nature and privacy in our farm’s wild forest, open pastures, and pond surrounded by a wildflower meadow. Share a day or two with birds, wildlife, rare woodland flowers, and of course, the sheep!

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Stephen Robbins
1310 Mountain Brook Road
Bovina, NY 13740

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Maplewood Farm & Orchard

Making Maple Syrup is a Family Tradition, Three Generations Strong at Maplewood Farm and Orchard

Duane and Karen LaFever are continuing a family tradition that began with Duane’s grandfather.

Ben LaFever made Maple Syrup from the late 1920′s to the 1950′s. Ben’s three sons helped through the years, and his son George (Duane’s father) continued making Syrup in the 1970′s. In 1987 Duane took up the work. [ + ]

Duane and Karen LaFever
598 Miller Avenue
Bovina Center, NY 13740

Brush Brook Farm A Burns Family Farm
Brush Brook Farm is a Burns family farm. We are a third generation farm raising grass-fed beef and harvesting certified organic hay. The farm was purchased in 1944 by James & Helen Burns. They, together with their son Tom, who joined the farm in 1963, operated the farm as a dairy.

In 2005 it was time to call it quits for the dairy. The fields lay empty, a sad and woeful sight. So, it was decided that raising beef cows and keeping the fields alive in mixed grass hay should be the next venture for the family farm. Maintaining the land as agricultural is a tradition and commitment of the family.

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The beauty of a simple sunset.

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Brush Brook Farm
3258 County Highway 5
Bovina Center, NY 13740

Robson’s Christmas Trees Enjoy an outing to pick your Christmas tree at our choose-and-cut farm. We have: 5-10 foot Frazer, Concolor, Grand, Balsam Fir and Blue Spruce trees, wreaths, kissing balls and centerpieces. Open Fri-Sun, Thanksgiving to Christmas or by appointment. Located at the corner of Jim Lane & McNaught Hill Roads.

Gary and MJ Robson
2425 Jim Lane Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740

Del-Rose Farm Del-Rose Farm’s beginnings were as a 60-cow dairy. Today, in addition, the Hanselman family produces and sells sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, summer squashes, and pumpkins, Barb’s Brown Eggs, and The Farmer’s Wife Baked Goods. We encourage farm visits, give us a call! Produce available at our roadside stand in season. Baked goods available year round. The finest and freshest for you – with a little bit of love!

Del-Rose Farm
9635 County Highway 18
Bloomville, NY 13739

Stanley Campbell Spur Finns located in Delhi, NY is proud to bring you lambs from the 2015 lambing season. All lambs qualify for registration.

Finns are an excellent choice for those seeking a multi-purpose animal that is hardy, easy to manage and presents a friendly personality. They are naturally polled (hornless), do not require docking (tail removal) and characteristically have multiple births. Finn ewes have been known to give birth to as many as six lambs.

Stanley Campbell Spur Finns supplies breeding stock, meat lambs and packaged meat.

Charles Oakley

Betty Acres Farm
Modern Milkmaid’s Farmstead Cheeses

At Betty Acres Farm, our Modern Milkmaid Cheeses are handcrafted fresh in our on-farm micro creamery from milk of our own Guernsey and Jersey cows, then aged in our hillside cave, and brought to you at precisely the right time for ultimate enjoyment!

What makes our cheese so good? OUR COWS! Our small herd of grassfed Jersey and Guernsey cows are selected for their incredible milk making abilities and winning personalities.

Our sustainable farming practices ensure that both the cows and the environment are treated with respect and care. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains of New York, we celebrate good healthy local foods, like our very own farmstead cheeses.

Aissa O'Neil
21529 State Highway 28
Delhi, NY 13753

Promisedland Farm Promisedland Farm produces grass-fed Black Angus beef & breeding stock. It is also home to a large flock of grass-fed Finn sheep for lamb & mutton meat. The wool from the farm’s sheep is used by the owner to make hand-knit traditional Swedish hats and mittens.

Catharina Kessler
2714 Houghtaling Hollow Road
East Meredith, NY 13757

Wayside Cider Makers of unique small batch mountain ciders- based in the footballs of the Catskill Mountains.

Started in 2014, Wayside Cider is a collaboration between Alex Wilson and Irene Hussey. From hand picking apples through to bottling our final product, we handle every stage of the process, including, of course, sharing a glass of our cider with friends. While our methods might take longer, so do all the best things in life. Our blend of wild, heirloom, and dessert apples merges past and present to create a uniquely Delaware County cider.

Bucking the current cider trend of looking to Europe for inspiration and apple cultivars, we are focused on making modern American ciders that draw on the history and topography of the place where we live.  We pick and graft the wild and abandoned trees with the aim of preserving the past while embracing modern production methods to produce a cider unique to this region.

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Alex Wilson & Irene Hussey
865 Webster Brook Road
Delhi, NY  13753

Homestead Farmstead

Nicole Gillikin
2113 Lee Hollow Road
Bovina, NY 13740
Office: 607-832-4273
Mobile: 917-836-4898

Bovina Valley Farms

Dan Finn
77 Huff Road
Delhi, NY 13753

Contact: Bovina Valley Farm